Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blanket # 2

I have been working on kid blankets for awhile and last night I finished the second one. I hit a couple of frustrating moments but here is where I started from.
This is where I had my first frustrating moment, after this point I started sandwiching the quilt and then stood back to look at it and something was bugging me about it but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then as I started to pin it I realized there was no border on it and this was an obvious thing that was missing when you see the finished quilt.
I had made this pattern for the first blanket just changed the black border around the squares. I used pencil shavings for this one as it is for a boy.

So now that I put the border on it, I started to put it together. You can see how much better it looks now that it has the border it was suppose to have in the first place.

I had put minky on the back of the other and had this great flannel with animals on it, so that is what I used. I buy most of my flannel in the States as they have the really soft flannel that I just cannot get here.
My supply is running low so I will have to make a trip soon.

I like the way the black binding frames the back and makes it stand out, I then decided to put the black around the label to make it stand out also.

Sam then did his part and the second blanket was complete.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby Blanket # 2

I started Baby Blanket #2, the pattern is the same as the first one. I had cut enough squares to make the 2 quilts.

This one has the black with pencil shavings that border all of the squares.

I only have the top done this far but I plan to get back at it and finish it.

The baby is not due until June but I hope to have it finished way before then.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Perfect 10

This quilt is from the pattern "Perfect 10", I had bought it as a kit when I was in Grand Marais.
Jennifer the OT that I work with had excepted a job elsewhere and so she is leaving. I did not know the exact day she was leaving but I had planned to make her a quilt and give it to her on her last day. She then told us her last day was 7 days away. I found out on a Thursday that her last day was a week Friday and I was off the Thursday and Friday of her last week.
I had the weekend off and so I dedicated it to starting and finishing her quilt.

I quilted it with my swirl pattern that I feel comfortable doing. I added the second border because I wanted it be able to cover her feet.
I put a brown minky fabric on the because it is so soft and makes a great cuddle blanket.

I write all of my own labels to put on the back of my quilts, I always put a quote and my name. Here is what they look like before I finish them.

I gave it to her on Wednesday as that was my last working day with her and she was thrilled. I really enjoyed working with Jennifer, she is so passionate about her job, it inspires people to do good things.

Sam's doing his job of holding up the quilt so I could take a picture.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1 Baby Blanket down 2 more to go.....

I started this blanket some time ago and finally it is complete, I really love this pattern it works with whatever fabric you may have or coordinating fabrics.
I had found a bunch of minky fabric that I had bought and I will put it to good use now. I was so happy when I found it as the soft back is so comforting to a baby and later a child. I myself have a quilt with minky on the back and it is awesome.
This quilt is for a baby girl and how appropriate is pink and brown.

I quilted it myself and just did an all over swirl, I love my machine for this, my old machine was so rough to work with when machine quilting.

I do use the quilting gloves, they just add that extra grip to the fabric making it easier to move under the machine.
I put a label on the back of the quilt just finishing it off.

And Sam did his job in the quilting process.