Saturday, November 5, 2011

Selvage, Selvage, Selvage

I have been collecting selvage for awhile now and decided I should put them to good use, I have also recruited people to save their selvage (Thank You).
I started with a little pile and then it grew to this basket.

I just cannot believe that I can make a quilt out of the selvage that I either cut up and threw away or cut off and threw away. I paid for it I might as well use it.
I googled selvage quilts and found a pattern that I thought suited my personality.
Because I was making my squares the same I was able to take advantage of chain sewing.
I did 4 squares at a time because the finished square is four small squares put together, this will all make sense in a second.

This is one of the little squares that makes up the larger squares, can you believe it this is made from selvage. I think this is my most favorite scrap quilt.

Here is the finished little square, I will give you a sneak peak at one of the larger blocks finished.

Now you will just have to sit tight to see the finished quilt...................