Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Update post on my friends quilt

Here are some pictures of my friends quilt that we had pinned on my floor a while back, she quilted it and gave it to a friend. It now has a happy home.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wedding Quilt Finished

Can you believe it the Wedding Quilt is done, I have never finished anything this quickly but I loved the way it was turning out so I wanted to see the final product and it worked out so well.
Sam is doing his usual job, can you hear him 
 "Hurry up my arms are getting sore". 
My machine worked so well for me when quilting it, the stitches turned out even, no bunching of the material on the back. Well it worked well until it didn't and jammed but it came back from the sewing doctor purring like a kitten. Did I mention I used a very pretty variegated pastel thread to quilt, you can't tell from the pictures. 
It is not too heavy and not as big as I usually go, my mother is mailing it to New Brunswick. 
I also got a chance to use the minky that I got from Fabricland during a sale, I bought many metres of it in many colours. I put the purple on the back of this one and from the picture I hope you can see the butterflies  that are embedded into the fabric. It is really nice.

I picked a quote for the back to represent being in love, I thought it was appropriate. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

So Frustrating

I have been so good lately about getting my wedding quilt done. Usually I end up finishing the top and then it sits on my floor and then eventually I start to sandwich it but the delay between the two is usually lengthy.
I had the top done and sandwiched and I even started quilting the quilt. I was doing a meandering pattern with this really pretty pastel variegated thread, when all of a sudden with about a foot of quilt left to be quilted the machine jammed. Can you believe it, I was doing so well, really using my space and flowing the pattern with out crossing my lines. Then it decided it was done before I was and jammed up.
I had to pack it up and take it to the sewing machine doctor for repair. Hope I get it back soon so I can finish up what I was working on.