Monday, April 23, 2012

Wedding Quilt

I have all the squares cut and attached numbers to them so I could keep track of which was which in the pattern.

I have all the squares layed out on the floor in the appropriate place, we'll see how long it takes for me to sew them and get them off the floor.

My washer and dryer are on the other side of these squares and when you walk over it the squares stick to your feet and in a short period the squares are all over the place.
This should just make me work faster to get it sewn and off the the floor but it doesn't.
More updates to follow.....

Friday, April 20, 2012

The start of the Wedding Quilt

Here is the very start of the Wedding Quilt. I went to the Quilters Stash today and I love picking fabrics with Maureen, she has such a good eye.

I am going to do a Perfect 20 which is double the size of a Perfect 10. Here is the fabrics I picked up.

I think these are whimsical colors and patterns, perfect for a Wedding Quilt.

Perfect 10 Retirement

I recently made this Perfect 10 quilt for a friend that retired, I just love the random of putting together a miss match of Fat Quarters. This pattern is the perfect pattern for a gift for someone. I added an extra border on so that it would cover the toes when cuddled on the couch.

I used the left over pieces from the Fat Quarters for the binding, which tied the front to the border and also to the solid brown on the back.

I quilted it with an all over swirled pattern, 
I just love my new machine for how easy it is to maneuver. 

I put a brown minky on the back as it is so soft when cuddled up with the quilt. I enjoy putting flannel and minky on the back of most of my quilts. 
And to finish it off added the label. 
The next project I have on the go is a wedding gift, more to follow shortly.