Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Melly and Me Success

I have had to wait to blog about my Melly and Me success as the two Magoo monkeys that I made for gifts for two little boys for Christmas. As you can see from the previous post I had some kinks to work out and in the end they turned out like the cute monkeys they were suppose to be.
I gave one of the monkeys to Owen for Christmas and I gave the other to Noah. I liked picking out the bright fabric to use for the monkey body and then another bright fabric for the shorts.
I have a few other Melly and Me patterns that I will try soon, I'm sure the first one will be far from what it is suppose to look like.

The first monkey I ever made was for Ryann and that was no pattern just from a picture and I thought it turned out just fine.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Melly and Me attempt #1

I ordered these cute Melly and Me patterns online as I have always loved the Magoo monkey pattern. I as many may know already, that I don't read words on a pattern. I am very visual person.
The pattern is very simple but with no pictures to follow it was harder for me to figure out what they were trying to tell me to do. I had never sewn pleats before so that was interesting, and then I sewed the face the long ways which made his face really long and did not puff out as it should have.
This is the first one... I have since made a second one and with the changes  he does look better not so crazy looking. I will post about the second and third attempt as they are going to two special boys for Christmas.
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Leslie's Retirement Quilt

This past October a friend of mine and fellow quilter retired (lucky her) .
I have waited to post about the quilt we made her until after we gave it to her, I think she checks out my blog once and awhile.
Brenda and I made this quilt for Leslie because of coarse she was retiring but who thinks that a quilter would need another quilt. It is different when someone else makes it for you, it's that muh more special.

We started out with a pattern and left some of the squares as muslin so that the girls and guys we work with could sign it. It was great sharing the work with Brenda, she did the cutting and sewing and I did the sandwiching and quilting.
I added a Dr.Suess quote to the label which I thought was appropriate.
Leslie will be missed terribly, the only good thing about it is we are off the same weekend now!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tree Skirt

Last year I didn't put up your traditional Christmas Tree but this year Sam and I are off and we are having Christmas dinner on Boxing Day at my house. I thought that a traditional Christmas tree would be more appropriate (fake one). I dusted it off from the basement and it is up and decorated.
I had made a tree skirt for my grandparents tree from a class I took many years ago at the Quilters Stash. It is a really pretty teal, beige and white, I chose non-traditional colors. I headed to the Quilters Stash looking for an easy pattern that I could follow by the pictures and that I could use the many fat quarters that I have as the fabric. With the help of Maureen I left with the easiest pattern ever.
I searched through my fat quarter stash and picked some Christmas and winter patterns and others that were just pretty.

I then used a template to cut wedges which brought me to this point. I had 8 sections that looked like this...

I had the perfect material for the border, I had bought this fabric in the US at some point this summer and was saving it for the perfect project, I found that perfect project. 
Each wedge had a border sewn on which was much easier then sewing on one big curve border.

I finished the project quickly and because this pattern was so easy I was able to finish it in a few days. 

Of coarse then I had to put up my Christmas Tree in order to see what my tree skirt looked like under the tree, and damn it looks amazing, I have never had a tree skirt and it does finish the tree. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I ordered some Melly and Me patterns and I am waiting for them in the mail, I plan to make a gift for my friends baby for Christmas....that's the plan as of today.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Inspired Part 2

I had mentioned in a previous post about having something sewn for my groups Show and Tell, well here is project number 2. I have had this panel done for awhile, I had blogged about it when I got it finished.

I had some owl flannel fabric left from the previous quilt, so I thought this quilt top also matched that flannel. 
I have moved my pinning process upstairs as I have more space there. 
I thought I would go out of my comfort zone in the quilting department and it surprised me what I came up with, it turned out quite nice. 

I also put another Dr. Seuss quote on the back of this one as well.  I just think they are such cute poems. 

Now I have a few things for Show and Tell, all you need is a little inspiration.


 The ladies I work with have planned to get together next week and I thought I have nothing for Show and Tell. I have not sewn in a long time as I have been distracted with the running season. I even sat down to sew and watched a Triathlon on TV.

I have had 2 panels hanging around for a looooooooooooong time and this weekend I had planned to do something with them. 

I had used my twister ruler and used some leftover fabric from a Hungry Caterpillar Quilt I had made for a little boy and I finally finished this one.  I also had 5 meters of a very cute owl flannel that I thought would go perfect with this quilt. 

I recently discovered Dr. Seuss quotes which are so cute and I put one of them on the label of this quilt. I got out my fabric pen and it had gone dry, I quickly headed down to the Quilters Stash to get myself a new pen and carried on. 

I tried a quilting pattern which was new for me, I tried it on the border of this quilt and thought it worked out well. 

Now I have one for Show and Tell.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Long Lost Quilter and Blogger

I am still here, I have not quilted or wrote a quilt blog in a very long time. For the summer I am distracted by my other passion which is running. I had been training for the Miles with the Giant Half Marathon which was Sept 23rd here in Thunder Bay. I have a running blog which you can check out if you like it is:

Now that the running season has slowed (although I plan to run the Goofy Challenge in Disney in January) I will be getting back into quilting right shortly as the temperature is slowly dropping. 
I am so thankful to those that have come back to my blog over and over, I promise you will have new content soon.