Sunday, October 21, 2012

Inspired Part 2

I had mentioned in a previous post about having something sewn for my groups Show and Tell, well here is project number 2. I have had this panel done for awhile, I had blogged about it when I got it finished.

I had some owl flannel fabric left from the previous quilt, so I thought this quilt top also matched that flannel. 
I have moved my pinning process upstairs as I have more space there. 
I thought I would go out of my comfort zone in the quilting department and it surprised me what I came up with, it turned out quite nice. 

I also put another Dr. Seuss quote on the back of this one as well.  I just think they are such cute poems. 

Now I have a few things for Show and Tell, all you need is a little inspiration.


  1. You can sure pick out good fabrics for borders, wow, nicely done!!

  2. Great job, will you be showing them at guild?