Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Melly and Me Success

I have had to wait to blog about my Melly and Me success as the two Magoo monkeys that I made for gifts for two little boys for Christmas. As you can see from the previous post I had some kinks to work out and in the end they turned out like the cute monkeys they were suppose to be.
I gave one of the monkeys to Owen for Christmas and I gave the other to Noah. I liked picking out the bright fabric to use for the monkey body and then another bright fabric for the shorts.
I have a few other Melly and Me patterns that I will try soon, I'm sure the first one will be far from what it is suppose to look like.

The first monkey I ever made was for Ryann and that was no pattern just from a picture and I thought it turned out just fine.

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  1. and he is doing fine, hanging from Ryann's chair in her room, still looks great!