Friday, December 21, 2012

Melly and Me attempt #1

I ordered these cute Melly and Me patterns online as I have always loved the Magoo monkey pattern. I as many may know already, that I don't read words on a pattern. I am very visual person.
The pattern is very simple but with no pictures to follow it was harder for me to figure out what they were trying to tell me to do. I had never sewn pleats before so that was interesting, and then I sewed the face the long ways which made his face really long and did not puff out as it should have.
This is the first one... I have since made a second one and with the changes  he does look better not so crazy looking. I will post about the second and third attempt as they are going to two special boys for Christmas.
Happy Holidays!

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  1. I am like you, and I can never figure out what the heck they are trying to say in the printed instructions, I like U-tube! you can play the thing over and over till it sinks in, lol
    they look cute Val, I'm sure the boys loved them!